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EXP Scroll: is it broken or what's use?

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  • EXP Scroll: is it broken or what's use?

    EXP Scroll Lvl.1 - gives 500xp, costs 500g
    EXP Scroll Lvl.2 - gives 2000xp, costs 1000g
    EXP Scroll Lvl.3 - gives 5000xp, costs 2000g (or you can to buy with 10 insignias on the Arena)

    Is it useful for someone? I mean are these values intended, or maybe it's broken? I, for one, sell them even on 2x levels, not to speak of current 4x. Really, which sense in 2-5k EXP when you need 5-7kk for next level? Especially it concerns lvl.3 scroll which supposedly costs 10 insignias. Have someone bought it?

    P.S. When Guild Altar chooses "EXP" spot, I take it as "zero"

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    Wait, where can you buy the exp books?


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      First two - nowhere, only as reward for lairs in the Campaign mode.
      Lvl.3 is present in the Arena Shop.
      Also you can obtain any of them with Guild Blessing (Altar).


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        I'm pretty sure it's take a green quest and it's 20k exp already. these books need be called books not scroll, cause they are the same name as the other lv. 2 exp scroll. and also, i would rather sell them for gold than use them, because when it takes mil to level up, fighting a duel would give you more exp than a book give you. i believe these books are broken though, i think they are suppose to scale with level, not be stuck at lv. 1 exp. because who in their right mind is happy to finally received a exp book that gives 1k exp when you are 40+ and spending 20k to spin to get one of these? on top of that i would not spend 10 insigs to buy one either, i go to the wild and smack a group of mobs get more exp than that. and i can do that for free. and now that battle only give 3 insigs per win i would need to save all the insigs i get rather than spend on some stupid exp book that don't give you anything. even planting exp seed give you more.
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          wilds mobs dont give exp and where are these books for 2k gold?
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            Originally posted by lance137 View Post
            wilds mobs dont give exp and where are these books for 2k gold?
            those 2k books cost 10 insgis to buy in arena shop....i don't think you want to spend 10 insigs for that...
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