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New Weapon Cloaking Suggestion

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  • New Weapon Cloaking Suggestion


    I've started a few archers on a new server a while back. I even took the time in getting them their "super soakers" that makes them a bit like tough guys. But, I would like to see more weapon covers to reflect some modern stuff:

    For Knights, a Katana. I am sure it's a big thing in anime and combat games to wield a Japanese sword around. If I were to start a knight, I will probably pick this one out of the bunch.
    For Archers, a rifle, or some anime based long gun that will make them like a executioner squad when firing upon enemies. The game already has a light blast from the crossbow to match a shot from a long gun, so why don't we make such.
    For Mages, a bo staff of epic design. Wield that bad boy when you're fighting a world boss.

    And then we can call this set, Anime.