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Clothing identification another Megascam

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  • Fherlayt
    started a topic Clothing identification another Megascam

    Clothing identification another Megascam

    I did a cloth indetification on a class B cloth. Took 12 attempts to succeed. Chance for that happen is

    0,6 ^ 11 = 0,3%

    Then tried to identify a class S cloth. 18 attempt so far, all fail. Chance for that
    0,8 ^ 18 = 1,8%

    Since everyone else is experiencing the same, I would say luck has nothing to do here. Wartune is cheating and scamming us players. But my question is, why???

    I do understand that for the Chinese model they have to constantly cheat us with balen events so people spend and lose much more than they want to.
    But indentify needs only gold, and gold is for free (at least, I never spend balen on it). So I ask, why we need to be cheated even on free things? What pleasure
    does it cause to the developers?

    Why they can't just display instead of 20% that chance is 2%? Why I need to feel that I'm a fool still playing this game?

    And before you begin posting that "dude, I succeed on 1st try" you better know, that with the first few clothes, the percentages seem ok. The trouble comes when you already have some identified.

  • Fherlayt
    wise words...

    the big difference is, casinos are ruled by many strict regulations, including that chances must be public and cannot be manipulated. Here, this is not the case. So it is kind of a totally illegal casino, not discovered by the corresponding federal agencies (yet).

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  • JkLoser87
    Wartune is like casino if you decide to spend balen.

    Even gold is worth balen in some ways, cause you can use balens to get more gold, therefor it's a good idea to scam people there as well.

    Just realise, when you log into wartune, you aren't in a game, you are in a casino, the odds are against you.

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