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can anyone post a screenshot of the event quest?

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  • can anyone post a screenshot of the event quest?

    Can anyone post a screenshot of the event quest log? like where is it located at?

    no point in doing a event when you don't even have the quest.

    btw, talking in guilds yields nothing when EVERYONE in guild mentions they never seen the quest, one person mentioned that they saw it once upon re login it disappeared.

    my guild is fairly large and we have a lot of active people, i just don't see why most of us (as in 99.9 of us never see it?)

    can anyone even post a screenshot of these so called event quest that's suppose to be this week?
    (event only last a week, if it takes you a week to fix it, just don't bother then...)

    fellow guildies said he also filed in a ticket and they replied back saying he need to refresh his browser for it to show.... well, when you have like 20+ people saying they don't see it . i don't thinks everyone is having a browser cache issue. and i log in at multiple pc, never seen it either.

    anyone that do have the quest can you post a screenshot of it? like where it's suppose to be, i heard it's under some event tab in quest and i never even seen this event tab yet.

    could anyone post this screenshot of it? or for people who don't have the quest, can you bump this thread just saying you also don't have it. good idea to know how many don't have it.

    i'm on Server 4 currently and have not seen anyone say they have the quest yet....
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    I'm having the exact same problem as you. 2 of my guildmates say that tey have the quest. but i don't have it. i don't know what's going on, but it's irksome.


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      I don't see the event quests either, but I do have a screenshot of the quests.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	event.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	106.8 KB
ID:	1660653
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        I don't have the event quests either and I've relogged several times today already. Is it bugged on certain servers?

        PS- I play on server 13: Undead Swamp
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          Must be nice.....

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            S2 doesnt have any of those quests....


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              Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
              I don't see the event quests either, but I do have a screenshot of the quests.

              oh okay..i thought i was going crazy, at least i'm not looking for it in the wrong places. so it's basically on the quest log page...

              yep i don't even have the EVENT QUESTS tab at all in the quest page.

              if they don't fix this fast, then the people who don't have the quest not only will lose out on exp, but will lose the chance to get the 10 merry pedant, and the medallions of the lord and of course won't buy any gold shards because we don't have the quest. not only will the players lose out on exp and soul shards, but you guys won't make any money either cause no one is going to buy gold shard for a event that they don't even have...what a shock...

              but thank you for the screenshot, now i know i am looking in the right spot for that event quests tab.
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                I dont have the quest either be nice to have it for the exp but i think it never made it into the game


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                  Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
                  I don't see the event quests either, but I do have a screenshot of the quests.

                  So This Is What I've Been Missing Huh? Normally I don't ask for "Compensation" But looking @ the # of quests+ the amount of xp This literally calls for "compensation" That or Literally Reschedule the event entirely as in "fix it" and give us an addition week or so to accomplish said quests
                  'Cuz I'ma CandyMan~


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                    I have guild mates that have the quest and some that dont like me. Still realy confused about the whole thing as it is a new event R2 is putting on and they have it posted on events page.