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How do I get a Runestone?

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  • How do I get a Runestone?

    As far as I can make out, there are only two methods of obtaining a Runestone: in Tank Battles or in the Mystery Shop. Apparently I am the World's Worst Tank Driver, and I struggle to actually make the two short slots for Tank Battle anyway, so I thought I would look into the second method: The Mystery Shop.

    If ever a place was aptly named it is "The Mystery shop", because how the heck you get Runestone from there is a total Mystery to me. I can see the things, labelled "Ancient Rune Pack" in the "Available Rare Items" section, but I have no clue how to get my paws on one, so the word "available" seems to be a little bit misleading.

    Click image for larger version

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    I thought perhaps it was a luck thing and I have therefore made a point of entering the shop and clicking on the Ancient Rune Pack (and all the other Rare Items) every time I am nearby, but that doesn't seem to work. In addition, to add to the mystery, I have never seen a single name listed as one of the "Lucky Buyers". Surely at least ONE person on S468 should have been lucky by now?

    Am I doing something wrong, or missing something blindingly obvious?

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    We have had rune exchange events for 3 months in a row, just save the normal runestones and you will not have any problem obtaning runes, except mire.

    So yes you're missing something.


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      because no one will waste 1995 balens on such pack with rune exchange event
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        Thank you both . . . . I was not aware that the Mystery Shop Pack (even if I could get it) would cost $20 . . . Ooops, I mean 1995 Balens

        I've only been playing the game for one month so I have not seen a Rune Exchange Event or, if there has been one since I started, I have not realised the significance. But I shall look out for such an event in the future.


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          During the rune exchange event you can get Ancient Rune Pack for 240 normal small runestones and class-specific packs for 60 runestones (with Guardian, Purge or Purification rune).
          The only rune you can't get from exchange event is Mire, but is it really that important? If you're lucky, you can find Mire in the Mystery Shop for 695 balens.