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Sell Lvl 6 loids

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  • Sell Lvl 6 loids

    Dear wartune players,

    I finished my 70 set a while ago. But now i still have some loids which i don't use..
    My question is if it is wise to sell them??
    save me one spot for my inventory and some gold
    Or will there come a event where i can transform them into 80 stones or so,

    Hope to hear from you

    thx in advance

    Suprime --> s314

  • #2
    Crystaloids turned into legendary stones, thats something i`d like to see.
    Player: sunshinε
    Server: US West - S354 Crystal Well
    Guild: LostSouls

    Class: Knight
    Level: 80
    Battle Rating: 498k

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    • #3
      I definitely like the way it is. Sold my lvl. 6 loids, was enough for 2 enchants for my 80 piece. We get 80 Legendary Stones a lot faster than we needed to gather loids.
      We get lvl. 80 Leg Stones faster than gold to enchant them (not mentioning refining crystals).


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        Okay thx guys )


        • #5
          refining crystal is a pain in the *** for the 80, allways need to spend balens for buy them frome shop.
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