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Level holding for experience bonus

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  • Level holding for experience bonus

    Hi, when I first started the game. I was behind other players and I had like an extra 15% exp bonus everything I did to try to catch up to other players.

    Now, I'm level 68 and I'm ranked 103rd player in my server. When can I expect to get that bonus again?

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    It's a World Prosperity feature.

    It's calculated by how far apart your level is from top 100 players on your server.

    Don't think you'll get the bonus after you reach 100ish.


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      So even though i'm ranked 103rd at level 68. You don't think I can get world prosperity if I fall a little lower??


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        World Prosperity stops at level 61, I'm afraid.
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          stay off line for 3 days you get another one
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