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Lower the cost of pve armor

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  • Lower the cost of pve armor

    The cost of the PVE armor is a little ridiculous. I am almost lv 40 and still dont have enough crystaloids to make a set of Valoran. So not even does PVE items take a ridiculous amount of time to make, they still dont have stats that rival PVP armor which is way easier to get.

    So Developers, take the hint and reduce the cost for christ sakes. Im level 39, NOT a VIP so im a slower leveler, and I only have 100 crystals, I've made the sword so I will need an additional 50 freakin crystaloids. Thats roughly 5 more days of Bloodlands. Ill be lv 40 by then and playing in the void.

    Void armor takes 100 lv 3 crystaloids. I dont even want to imagine how friggin long that is gonna take to make the complete set. Especially for armor that is inferior to the PVP armor which doest take near as long to get.

    So take a hard look at this developers and come up with something cause whats the point of doing dungeons other then XP if noone is gonna use anything from that dungeon. Failure on your part.

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    lvl 3 crystals the best thing they are for is SELLING for gold... that gear is worthless IMO

    and after nerfing Insignia rate a bit( depending on ur time zone of course) they need to look at how much is needed for gear

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      I want the pve gear to explore alternate builds. The ones I've come up with require the rage bonus from the pve armor. Sad but true


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        I agree, the amount of time spent trying to aquire the PVE armor is way too much for its usefulness. Im lvl 41 now, and I know I will have enough arena medals to get full arena gear by lvl 45. I might have 2 peices of PVE gear by then, which will be useless. Am sorry but the stat differences make the arena gear way better, there is no reason to EVER get PVE gear. -1500 to PDEF/MDEF is just way too... required. That stat should be changed to something else... or reduced. It is the one effect that makes arena gear required to be competitive. Makes PVE gear pointless. The arena gear outshines pve gear, even in pve. Get on it R2, make some changes.


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          Originally posted by Teralitha View Post
          That stat should be changed to something else... or reduced.
          For the amount of insignias those sets needs coupled with the halved prizes now and possible halved prizes for BGs later on 'cause it's what they will do if they add another BG slot, I'd beg to differ. No.

          On a different note;
          PvE gear mats should be fixed, nonetheless. Unless people stop levelling and camp at 3x, it's next to impossible to get that set before late 3x like OP stated, with the current 5 daily MP attempt. Above all, it's very discouraging for those players who may not have the chance to participate in Arena&BG regularly. It's a long and tiring process to renew their lv20 set (for crying out loud, this set needs 5 crystaloids a piece. When I saw that lv30 set needs 50 crystaloids each, I decided to use the pieces for recycle only if I get any). It's twice as long if they try for PvP gear. No game should make a this much defined distinction between casual and hardcore players.

          As easily accepted by all, PvE sets are inferior to PvP ones but they're still a good replacement for lv20 set or any random drop epics(acquiring is all about luck). There is no reason why those sets shouldn't be made more accessible. It's not wise to keep discouraging a good part of your player database. One should not forget that all of them are potential customers.


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            The one point I disagree about your post, is saying that arena medals take a long time to get. This is not so. They are very easy to get. You dont even have to win in the arena to get them, just jump into as many matches as fast as u can. I was able to get a new peice of arena armor every other day. by lvl 40 I had aquired 2 peices of the valoran set. I had my arena gear set at lvl 36. Some others probably got it even sooner.
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              With matching+loading+match time (on S8, lately I see a matching time of 20-30 seconds), you can get 30-35 matches in an hour on average and that's a good average, sometimes rooms take time to fill up on some servers unless you go with a premade team. That's 30-35 insignias at the moment for 1 piece on constant lose, suppose you get 20 wins out of those 35, you get 55 insignias in an hour. That's the average a random player would get. If s/he's lucky to participate in twice a day, 110 insignias. If he's lucky to have non afker teams on BGs or too many honor whoring players, add another 160 and it's 270 insignias. On a good scenario it'll take him/her around 9 days.

              Above is not for semi to hardcore players of course. I think I missed 2 BGs so far and I'm on the same boat with you, an odd 200 insignias away from full set at early 36 but it's a tiring effort for casual players, i.e. you have 2-3 hours to spare every day for this game, most people with 9-6 jobs fall under that and those are very potential customers when nudged in the right direction. Instead of waiting for them to pay 9600 balens~ around 95$ for a class equip pack (previous promotion) or 22000 balens~ around 220$ for one piece of lv50 PvE set(this must be a joke), they can be encouraged with an easier access to decent gear like PvE one. Only then they will consider things like VIP or getting more balens for not.

              There is a reason Zynga is the top grossing social game publisher. They target casual working class players rather than a handful of people with too much time to spend on a game. But this is not something R2 usually follows, still CS is(was, not sure about now) more casual friendly except for PvP events but that may have a lot to do with developers of original game as well.


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                it's easier to get 45 set than the 40 or 50 set.