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identification clothing

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  • identification clothing


    In the identification of clothing, I wanted to go to three stars but in refine I lost a star instead of going to three stars. Is it a bug ? Thank you in advance

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    It's working as intended

    When refining a cloth using Fashion Core, you will randomly get 1~5 star, it does not guarantee that using 5 Fashion Core on a 1 core cost clothing will give you 5 star, everything is randomized.

    That means you can go from 1 star to 5 star, or from 4 star to 1 star, sometimes you'll even stay at same level.

    It's why I said in the Circuit Quest thread that Fashion Core is very needed now.

    Identifying using Gold just unlocks the Refine option, it will always give you 1 star.
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      Oh ok, thanks very much !