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Best knight sylph for pvp play?

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  • Best knight sylph for pvp play?

    I was one of the people that wasn't able to get apollo during the orignal cloud city events when sylphs first came out, so I spent a majority of my resources upgrading iris at first then gaia when new sylphs came out. I later acquired my apollo and hades sylphs but at this point my gaia was already purple and was a major azzkicker. Then came the release of resistance which was absolutely devastating to gaia's pvp damage and will crystals are way to hard to acquire especially if you can't buy extra attempts at the sky trail card game, and even then will crystals are still very illusive. After the release of resistance my gaia's damage has decreased by 1/3-1/2 its original damage to people using apollo, hades and of coarse gaia, whereas apollo and hades' damage has been drastically increasing against all sylphs making them the dominant sylphs once again.

    Now with that being said, I am looking to upgrade a new sylph. As a knight which would be the better sylph to upgrade, Apollo or Hades?

    Apollo gives a nice boost to mdef, hp, has a heal, def and atk boost, and does great damage to all players unless the enemy is also using apollo. Hades offers a good pdef boost, good single and area attacks, a heal/attack combo, status effects(chaos), and can stunt healing capabilities of the enemy. Most older players already have an upgraded apollo which can do serious damage to hades, especially the lower grade hades, and gives a the extra def boost to mages, a knights natural enemy. Whereas hades is able strike massive blows to the older apollo users once the hades is upgraded, but is kind of lack luster til it is upgraded and being a patk sylph does extra damage to mages.

    I am open to any suggestions.

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    You said everything correctly, there is no perfect sylph. Every sylph has specific for each way. Gaia is great for WB, Spire and MPD. Hades is great for BG, GB, Arena, TOK. Apollo is great for GB, Arena, TOK.