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Resist reduction

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  • Resist reduction

    anyone knowes how it works ?
    it says u should have 300 points from socketing crystals which i have and is not unlocked yet (and strangely i find someone on my server with nearly 200 points from crystals and he has it unlocked. can someone pls explain this to me
    been playing for a while wartune ......

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    u need to have +300 at one point, not only from crystals, but freom the sylph u use. If u use apollo or Hades, u get it faster, cause those sylph starts with +100 res (50+50+50+50+100-200)

    a regular sylph has -50

    So, if u have a regular sylph, u better put her to rest, and then u need to have 300 resistance in all your crystals (with gaia u would need 350, and with cash sylph u would need only 200)


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      ok ty , now i got it
      been playing for a while wartune ......