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Should I upgrade gold first?

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  • Should I upgrade gold first?

    Should I upgrade my gold production from the academy, guild skill, first before upgrading other skills? Its becuz I need gold!

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    gold last, ty.


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      I always did that at lower levels.

      1 lv gold production = 60 more gold per hour = 1440 gold per day.

      If you check your dmg during wb, and can calculate how much gold you get per dmg, you can check if you gain more by upgrading your attack stat per level


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        If the only thing you need is gold and you do WBs, upgrade your ATK first, gold second.

        If you don't do bosses, go for gold.

        If you're not that desperate, upgrade your ATK first, but keep MDEF, PDEF, HP, Troops and Gold about 20 levels lower. When you get PATK to max, start leveling gold.

        Note: I'm not saying any of these are overall good tactics. They might be okay if you really need every last bit of gold. Also remember that if you do the academy buff daily, you get 200% more to all these stats, and that includes gold.


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          If you need gold, you need world boss.

          So: hero *ATK, troop *ATK, gold, everything else. And remember to raid five weaklings/day while pumping academy skills, otherwise you'll have to choose between blessing wheel and academy skills.