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dungeon attempts

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  • dungeon attempts

    i thinkt hat dungeon attempts should be left unchecked and players can click the box if they want to use their attempt due to all the circuit quest and the stamina for dungeons people can misuse their attempts

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    I think that people should learn to read.


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      Yo no hablo español, pero yo estaba confundido por el post de este tipo antes. Tiene más sentido ahora.

      Translation: I don't speak Spanish, but I was confused by this guy's post earlier. It makes more sense now.
      The Oath:

      "I swear on my life, and of the lives of those around me
      that if I do not become a casher, and expose my wallet to others
      that I shall face all consequences of being abandoned by my brothers
      and sisters. If I willingly choose to abandon these consequences, I will
      face mortal peril, in which the local police shall enter my facility and arrest
      me for financial keeping."