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Suggestion Character/Guild Name Change

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  • ProNab
    started a topic Suggestion Character/Guild Name Change

    Suggestion Character/Guild Name Change

    My Suggestion is merely that, put an item or an option in which players can change their IGN (Ingame Character Name) or their Guild Name, could something along the lines of purchasing a "specific" Item in the Item Mall which acts as a "Tag" or "Flag" letting the GM/ADMIN's Know Who Purchased it (it will have no other real purpose other then that) within 24 hrs. of purchasing said Item they must send a Ticket and fill out the basics and title the subject according to the service in which they purchased ("IGN or Guild Name Change) They write what their current IGN is and offer a List of 3 Names (1st being the most desired 3rd being the least) GM's can then at that point change their name according to whichever is available and the rate at which they were desired....Soooo...good Suggestion? Bad? if agreeable what would be a decent price for a NameChanger? $20? $15? $25?

  • zhadowwulff
    Name change on free game $25? LoooL

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