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Guild EAGLES ( Lvl 5 ) - Server 6 / Duskin Area

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  • Guild EAGLES ( Lvl 5 ) - Server 6 / Duskin Area

    Eagles is a guild that I made in 08/09/2012 . We just did our 2nd payment . BTW, currently the guild level is rank 8 and for the strength is rank 7

    Eagles is level 5 guild, it has shop level 4, skill level 4 ( it will soon be upgraded to level 6 guild soon ). Other than these two important thing, Eagles also provide it's members with vault / personal bag that is level 3 which mean each member have 15 slots.

    Q : How about the altar ?

    A : our altar is level 3

    Q : is your guild active ?

    A : I think so, as in Eagle the rule is if members inactive within 3-7 days without sending me mail, then that person will be rmoved

    Q : is every member contribute to the guild ?

    A : it's also rule in Eagles for members to contribute before going offline

    Q : any minimum entry level ?

    A : currently the minimum entry level is 23+

    Q : what language written in the guild ?

    A : English language and Bahasa Indonesia ( most of the members know English, too )

    Q : any social engine available ?

    A : we have group fb guild, see it in our announcement once u become our member. In there u may tell me comment, suggestion, criticsm you may have.

    Q : are u good leader ?

    A : well, for this I am active player, and I play everyday. However, first of all, I am truly sorry that I am neither strong player and neither know many things in the game .

    Q : what the hell you say you are leader despite having insufficient strength and knowledge ?

    A : well, I am truly sorry however I will help as much as I can and Eagles members are able to help each others. There are lots of cleverer and stronger player than me.

    P.S. Our mission is to fly as high as possible, fly as freely as possible, and not to forget to fly together. Have fun !
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    Eagles dibikin pada tanggal 08/09/2012 di server 6 / Duskin Area. Eagles guild level is rank 8 and for the strength is rank 7

    Eagles adalah guild level 5, menyediakan shop level 4, skill level 4 ( guild level 6 akan di naikkin segera ). Selain 2 hal penting ini, Eagles juga menyediakan vault level 3. Ini adalah semacam slot buat anggota, karena level 3 ada 15 slots.

    T : Altar gimana ?
    J : Level 3

    T : Aktif ga guildnya ?
    J : Lumayan, di Eagles kalau ga aktif selama 3 hari - 7 hari tanpa kirim aku mail, akan di removed.

    T : semua anggota nyumbang ?
    J : yup, semua anggota di guild Eagles pada nyumbang karena harus nyumbang ke eagles sebelum offline

    T : Level masuk minimal ?
    J : Buat sekarang minimal masuk level 23+

    T : bahasa di Eagles ?
    J : bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa Inggris

    T : ada fb ?
    J : ada. nanti kalau sudah jadi anggota liat announcement

    T : ketuanya pandai dan kuat ?
    J : hehhe... aku cupu berat sih, dan ga pandai tentang game ini serta ga kuat. tetapi aku aktif main gamenya buat sekarang aku online tiap hari.

    T : ketuanya ko bisa ga becus sih ? lemah dan ga begitu ngerti game ini ?
    J : maaf, aku memang ga becus karena ga pandai ttg nih game dan lemah tetapi aku akan berjaung untuk membantu sebisa ku, dan anggota Eagles bisa saling tolong menolong meski beberapa anggota tidak tahu Indonesia ( banyak org Indo ko ). Ada banyak yang lebih pintar dan kuat di Eagles daripada aku.

    P.S. misi kita untuk terbang tinggi, bebas, dan bersama. selamat bersenang-senang !
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