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What do you think is the best server for GMT + 8:00

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  • mhuzika
    started a topic What do you think is the best server for GMT + 8:00

    What do you think is the best server for GMT + 8:00

    gmt/ pdt/ est ???

  • R21072404
    IMO, if u're a working/schooling person (i.e. 8am - 5pm schedule) ill actually pick EST or GMT...


    Daily World boss at 11pm (u can sleep at 11.30pm since WB ends normally in 20-30min)
    Daily Group arena at 7am & 8am (provided u can still make it to work on time etc)

    Daily world boss at 7pm (another round at 12 midnight, if u can stay up late)
    Daily Group Arena at 9pm

    PST is not recommended as it either clash with your working or sleeping timing.

    HOWEVER, if you are in holiday/weekend i.e. literally free from 9am - 9pm kind of thing... PST will be a better choice.
    - Daily World boss at 12 noon
    - 1 Group arena and battleground at 10 am / 11 am respectively.

    Personally, i chose PST as i was on long leave... but i relised that im only able to participate in the 7am WB and that's all... (im the usual 8 -5 timing work) so if i had a choice to choose, i'll probably go for EST / GMT for my next server. Cuz jus so u know, Arena and battleground is important for equips and WB is great for gold (20k + 40k + 60k s for the 1st 3 heroes award and 50k for warrior award. that is 170k per WB each day, good source of gold). Thus, regardless are u a balen user or not, u HAVE to participate actively in these events in order to compete with the top 50 or something.

    In the end, what matters most is your own schedule vs event schedule... whatever we says is for null =p

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  • Dziastins
    If i lived in GMT +8 then choose PDT,yes you skip boss group arena 1 but at least on weekend you can do most important quests. On job days hard to say becouse dont know what you do in life. (I pretend you dont want play at night )

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