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  • warrior marks

    someone explain this to me. yesterday morning had little over 400 points. yesterday i get 9 arena wins at 30points each and 5 bg kills at 24 points each. so that is what 490 pvp points if my match is correct i should have added yesterday. yet when look at points this morning i gained only 100. how is that? what the hell am i missing? easy to get warrior mark if you get the points you earned impossible if ya get jacked wich it seems i did for 390 yesterday

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    i kinda no ur pain last week during the end of the week i noticed i was close to getting road warrior so i went ham in battlegrounds 3 days ina row wednesday thursday and friday ( both battle grounds that counted i got 20+ kills in ) ended the week 4th on the list for pvp points cross server loged in yesturday to my 1 warriors mark and didnt get my road warrior title even with 5980 points


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      Happened to me last week too, had well over 1k as I do arena daily with certain people so we win the majority of the matches so thats 15x30 + average of 15 kills in bg daily x2 at 18 Pvp Points a kill. Then I go check on Sunday before they send out the Cross-Server Rewards and it said I only had 104 Pvp Points. /:


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        There was a bug where warriors mark is only from Saturday points.

        As far as the missing points, are you sure you didn't check halfway through the day and see 400.....then find your total score of 490 later. It will show you current score, not yesterdays, so maybe those were your points from that same day you were looking at.
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