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New servers for different time zones

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  • demongokul
    started a topic New servers for different time zones

    New servers for different time zones

    Hey GM I saw in one posts that you said you don't have rights to create new servers for Asian timezones.
    Here is my suggestion, why don't you people start a new server in PDT, GMT or EST for Asian timings where the timings would be good for us.
    I live in India and none of the server is good for me to play on. In GMT I can play 2 world bosses and 1 arena but the 2 battlegrounds and another new arena timing are at midnight and after midnight which is not a good time for people in India to play.
    So people in the server timezone get more stronger than us in the same levels. We can level up easily but they are stronger than us by getting more insignias and they get good gears in it.
    Thank you for reading my suggestion. Hope you understand our need.
    Last edited by MemoryLane; 09-22-2012, 11:02 PM. Reason: changed the pdt thing for you

  • MemoryLane
    Asian timings would make it an Asian server. It's the Asian timings (or any timing outside of the three times they have right now) they don't currently have the rights to do.

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