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wining without fighting

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  • wining without fighting

    its so nice to see people who won the preliminaries and are going to the finals, without there being any preliminaries

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    How to make more money:
    Step 1 - Make the warlords hall all about BR. Please spend more money if you want to be in it.
    Setp 2 - Make the warriors hall all about BR. Please spend more money to overcome our maintenance errors and be in it.

    Chitty compensation packs for the rest of you.
    Lvl 80 Crit Mage, 298K BR, Aegis ***** G.M. Hells-Gate


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      It's showing the results of last months class war. Check the BR's and levels and you'll figure it out.


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        Click on wagers and select. List is empty.


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          the thread title reminded me of Sora (No Game No Life). haaaaaa
          ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O