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  • Stamina!

    I find it very annoying that there is only a limited amount of stamina available per day....
    In my eyes we should be at least able to buy Stamina potions and The Altar you "pray" at does not reward enough 60 per day for 2 hours doing nothing is not really worth it I aswell as many other players are considering leaving the game due to this face (even though I love this game it hinders it far too greatly!!!)

  • #2
    Do you seriously use all 200 of your stamina in one game day? I find that next to impossible. There are many things in the game that do not require stamina like multiplayer dungeons, catacombs, bounties, Arena, World Boss, Battlegrounds, 1 on 1 pvp, etc. I would argue that there is too much to do in the game rather than too little. As you get a higher lvl in the game you'll see that doing single player dungeons all the time isn't worth the EXP, and that's all that requires that stamina.
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