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Crazy Cash Players are ruining it for me....

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    Originally posted by aneramon View Post
    first of all Hi ... my english is not prefect but i think you could understand me if not, sorry can`t help it. not my home language.

    guys stop talking you got money they game is yours.. you got money you got fun. well i could pay easy for this game but the shop prizes makes it look like a full scam they just ask to much for a bit and i don`t like the balance prize for any just a any tiny thing from shop. but i still payed like 40 dollars and thats it no more for me. btw if he or you really think he payed hes soo good at this game ?? your wrong.! rofl random shots in duel/bg/arena and random targets everyyywere gee Gee nice aim but doesnt make him 0.01% better then you or me.

    hes aible to pay alot just to out gear you or me but that person who has fun with it to out gear you with real money is a bad word who fail in reallife.. ( leave that loser alone and let him have fun with it ) those guys are just pathetic unskilled and need to pay to get good easy ,,, understand it !...
    they fail at anything imagine bro anything.. just come back to the game its funny because, when i see such a guy and he laughs while he plunder or what ever me with money gear or money gem or money gold ahhahahaha i laugh at his bad word..
    let them have a laugh killing you plundering you or what ever but im just laughing at those people who laugh while the enjoy killing people in that gear while they succk hard and are unskilled even at getting a real life.
    dude i have a moron in the server where i play and gues what? hes asking my cordination to all people to plunder me every day ... and hes like almost 6 lvls higher then me "hahaha"...
    hes insulting me for a loser while he`s a egg and sck bad word hard .... gues what? he talks in world chat that i care about getting pundered and that i get mad ? wait a sec don`t you think hes bad word? that guy has a brain problem... leave it cause even doctors couldnt help him ..
    ahaha i give in world chat my cordination so he can plunder me or what ever ... "thinking that i care" makes me laughhhh sooooo hard ..
    its just a funny game, without them theres no fun in it..
    to see low lifes around in my bad days gives me a good feeling about myself, because of people like them you should thank god because you me or anyone can see what we got and they dont even have


    Hi world
    hallo world.
    i`m pro
    --- Pm me if you know ( My char name ) cordination
    add for farm
    active farmer
    30+ farmers add me
    --- ( My char name ) hahaha easy i so enjoy plundering you
    --- your mad right? QQ more.

    seriosuly i read this every day GG for people who talks only for a devotion you can see the differ right? now *** was i here for aaah got it again..

    Hi guys .. is it just me or is something wrong with the servers?
    For someone who doesn't care you sure spent a lot of time trying to say that you don't care Sorry it bothered you so much that you got plundered


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      The More You Complain, The More you make yourself look pathetic lame loser.

      From the start Game Online is business.

      Game Company is not social company. I know that from that start.

      You just got jealous. Thats All.

      And sorry my word is rude. i just want to wake up you guys who complain about nothing.


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        hahaha i can beat some of the cash players(archers) with my Knight(i don't spend money in games) but sometimes some ridiculously OP paying players ruin it for me when i meet them in the arena or BG..but ohh well we must live with it one day the free players will be gone and only cash players will stay so they will get bored and leave also.then congratz the game is ruined and will bankrupt i am playing till i get tired then i will be one of the to many free players that will leave this game.

        one little advice:make the socketing rods be able to drop from mobs or anything,with very low rates,this is the secret to all the problems with paying player..and i read in another thread that socketing rods are not required to play the game and compete well i can say one thing either the one who said that is stupid or there is something wrong with his brain...sorry for the rude words but that the reality..


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          Originally posted by Celadine View Post
          I personally just forget about the cashers and focus on improving myself. If you quit that is your prerogative. Ranks are fun and for competing but just focus on yourself. I'm in a guild with the big cashers on my server and although they reach level 80 and 90 of the forgotten catacombs and just today I reached level 40 I was proud of myself for the improvement instead of putting myself down for not being able to get as far as them.

          Just be happy with what you have, it's a game no need to take it so seriously.
          ^ This is perfect.
          Fluxie (Flux)
          Assistant G.M. of Avalon


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            Originally posted by Mouhsine View Post
            ..and i read in another thread that socketing rods are not required to play the game and compete well i can say one thing either the one who said that is stupid or there is something wrong with his brain...sorry for the rude words but that the reality..
            As a cash player I have sockets etc and I won't lie they help but I've noticed 2-3 very good players who do not have sockets on their gear. They've just built non-casher builds that work.

            FYI: one is a Knight another an Archer and not surprisingly the third is a mage (but they don't really count lol).
            Fluxie (Flux)
            Assistant G.M. of Avalon


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              i am way stronger than him and i have only spent 40 bucks on this game and i am only level 42


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                Your playing a free game. You shouldn't have to be the best to enjoy it. There are plenty of people who don't pay that you can compete with. The top player on S23 is ridiculous with the amount he spends compared to everyone else but I don't let it get to me. Every player in the top 20 on my realm is probably VIP and most probably put a solid amount into it.


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                  1) I know who that archer is LOL. I fought him 3-4 times today.

                  2) Isnt it amazing? 3-4 years ago this country went through the biggest wealth distribution in the history of the world and people are still out there spending money on stuff like this. This just isnt a small amount a cash either. I did a bit of the math and it is unreal.

                  3)Hardcore cashers are here to stay. In another game(Atlantica Online)I saw a guy in my Nation drop $100 just to buy 1 mount. I just shook my head and logged off. I understand it is his money and he can spend it how he wants but man , it made World of Warcraft and $15 a month look great that day.