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astral related

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  • astral related


    Im pondering which astrals to get at a later date but here's my question: One of the astrals has this effect: redices damage values by x. Now, what exactly does that translate to? does it reduce the damage values of enemy skills by a flat amount or does it scale somehow? Also, is there any difference between the +block astral and the one which says: gives x % chance to dodge an attack?

    I play a knight so I will be focusing on tanky astrals with the odd dps increasing one here and there i guess.

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    if it is the one that does - X dmg value ex: Decreases dmg value by 40 (or something like that) it means that every hit/dmg on you is lowered by 40 (this one is RLY usefull in catacombs, against mobs)


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      Thanks! is it also recommended for tanks? it sounds really good in theory


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        The +block astral increases the chances of dodging (the blue text that says dodge in combat).

        The one that says %dodge is different from the dodge you see in combat. The %dodge one actually reduces damage down to 1, effectively skipping the enemy's turn.

        The reduce damage by x values is like what krackenker said, it is a flat rate, good if you have disgusting pdef/mdef, bad if you're paper. 100 damage off 3000 damage is nothing, 100 damage off of 200 is reducing damage output of the enemy by 50%, making them have to attack twice just to get the same output.


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          true, true, thanks alot