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Server Xfer /One click sell

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  • Server Xfer /One click sell

    hey, i was wondering if it would be possible to have a server transfer possibility,i understand we wouldnt be able to transfer to new server but transfer from lets say S1 West to s2 East or s3 PDT would be great
    i personally started on the first server ibalize since it was the only one and i didnt know the game .. swapping on s2 would make my life easyer and whit the time i spent on s1 i Really dont want to restart a new char some player may want to transfer to play whit theyre friend or if theyre schedule change it should be restricted but doable

    One click Sell:Addding and option to decide up to which quality u want to seel when clicking the one click sell would be nice for exemple if i select blue it wouldsell all grey/green and blue item

    1 click Synthesis: u Should be able to put a mark on an astral(a bit like the lock mark) so that whenever u 1 click synthesis it synthesis in the marked astral(that astral could also be locked)

    hope u like/consider those idea tx for the great game

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    1) Char-Transfer: I dont think that this will happen soon. And if then more likely form newer servers to older servers, because of the fact that if you play even some days longer than players of nnewer servers you would have a really big advantage.

    2) One-click sell: I hope to see that option with upcomings updates, too. Takes quite i while to sell all those green astrals 1 by 1.

    3) 1 click synth: That works already pretty fine. The highest class (purple->orange) "unlocked" astral gains the exp when you synthesise them.


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      nah its actually the left corner astral from what i saw and u dont always want ur highest lvl 2 get the exp+ not having to unluck would be less risk of a mystake