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level 80 set synthesis

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  • KARNO123
    started a topic level 80 set synthesis

    level 80 set synthesis

    I am a newbie here playing this game for a month or so....and I know from forum searching it will take some time to get to level 70 legend set......But one thing I want to know do u get level 80 full set (including jewel and rings) from level 70 legend set?

    I know in each other set...u buy materials...get crystaloids and make it .....then get shard and stone and make it legend....for rings and jewellery buy it from cata shop; buy shards from arena shop and get stones and make it legendary.......

    how it goes for level 80 legendary set (full including jewel and ring) synthesis?

    also as I am aware about knight cruseder title and level 10 necropolice in required for level 70 legend set synthesis....any such requirement for level 80 set synthesis?

    thanks in advance for your suggestions.......

    btw I am an archer with 39K br at level 51....I know its less.....but till now I am only level rushing and never camped any where.... )

  • Linkoneusc
    Uff... lvl 80 set... i'm lvl64 and see it far away from me, lol got to save lots of cript tokens and i do not decide if doing my lvl 60 jewels and rings into leg. Cuz i want the mount... maybe after having the cript shop mount i'll decide based on how far from lvl70 i am, cuz i want to buy lvl70 rings and jewels just as entering lvl70 and maybe already have them maxed just to work on make them leg. ASAP.

    Or i could jump to lvl 80 and do all the lvl60 set leg. And just buy lvl70 to make them leg. Without max them just to get lvl80 and save lots of gold that i could use in my astrals, clothe ID and i do not know what else. What do you advice me?
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  • kimwong
    you are still lvl 51, still long way for you to have 70 PvE set that cost you 100K insignia

    the whole 70 set (only the PvE pieces) took me almost 4 months to complete it

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  • Whispir
    lvl 70 legendary piece + lvl 80 shards(12 necro required) + lvl 80 stones = lvl 80 piece that you have to refine and enchant from scratch

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