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    Why isn't the VIP Wheel more random, instead of as predictable as it is? Why would I wish to continue to spend money on this game if I cannot seem to get some of the better stuff available on this wheel? That answer is: I WON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    To be honest.
    I hate all cash things in game specially its be unplayable with out cash and almost most things need insane money to stay on line, and become so expensive to play BUT the VIP subscription is the most fair thing in game, you only pay like 8$ a month to clean CD things, 580K gold for 27 or 36 tokens, reduce honor losing , VIP chest and a lot of benefits that really enough for 8$ for a month ! why you think you need it so random to get lvl 6 or lvl 7 gem that cost 200$ (for lvl 6 gem) or 800$ (for lvl 7 gem).
    Try level up your academy skills without VIP

    Stop crying about this, you already get awesome benefits, if you know how to deal with only VIP, its more than enough to be "good" player, sure not Uber or so strong but playable char.

    I hate R2 but still, Its good to be honest all the way.
    IGN: TheVictor
    Guild: Warriors
    Server: S19 - Desert Curses
    Class: Mage - level 80
    In(Guild)Names: TheNoob,VicNoob,TheKicktor,EvilVic,Vicky and so on :p :cool:
    Quitting game in 29th June 2014