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Tree Of Ancients for Assistants

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    Originally posted by LeGarde View Post
    Hy people, and especially Guild Masters ...

    I was wondering, why only a G.M. can summon the ToA. For Guild Battles, on the other hand, a G.M. is completely unnecessary. Assistants are trusted enough to "waste" contribution there, as much as they want.
    So why they can't summon the Tree, like a G.M.?? It would be a useful thing, not only for the life of a G.M.!! A thunderstorm, accident, or other unpredicted things can cause many people to wait for the Tree.
    Compared to other things it's maybe a small problem, but still worth thinking about a change.
    yes good idea some times gm can't online all the time
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      Had a problem with a GM not being able to come on and for the tree. After 3 days of this we start losing members. Then they would come on and do the tree and say they will be on more but they would disappear again. After about two weeks of this and serious lose of members they GM gave it to someone else if they were going to be on. This worked once or twice and eventually they just gave the position permeantly. Every time they were not on we would have to explain to members only GM could activate the tree. I think this would be a good idea to have implemented

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        agreed , fully supported


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          One workaround we did in our old guild was create a new account and make that account as GM. Only 'trusted' AGMs would know details of GM account and one of them can login and spawn tree. This worked well for us until we merged with another guild who has active GM. No one used to play toon of GM account though. Only used it to upgrade guild and summon tree. It is still quite low level toon.