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  • Battleground!

    I just want to suggest that it is much better if you separate battleground not by level but by battle rating...!!thank you and god bless!

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    I think the developers have thought about this, there must be some reason that separate by level not by battle rating. I'll ask the developers about this, I'll reply again
    Ok, I'm muted, so.... please use sign language.


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      sure...waiting for the another reply..thank you


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        It is defintly a cashier battleground because alot of people under 20k get into fights that they can't win once they hit level 40 and end up dying alot. IF you have cash and money you can win. If you don't then you only get lucky if you can get to a resource before getting attacked. Farming honor is hard unless your over 20k I just be patient and take my time really.


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          really the best solution to it would be break down the levels......30-34 then 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, then 50+

          cause in all honesty, battleground is near impossible for people lower level to even try to get into when the only 2 ways to get crystals are a choke point and all the high lvls are just camping there. And like the last one I was in, they ignored all archers and mages and basically mass farmed knights. If not separating it by level, they could put some crystals closer to the base that arent worth so much but give those of us who are not 35 and with full pvp gear a remote chance at being more than just free honor to all the rest of the vultures