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botting in the atoll

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  • botting in the atoll

    is this ok to do? it sure as hell looks like it is with as many people doing it.

    R2 needs to take a stand and say its ok or do something about it!
    its unfair to players that are not botting for people that are to get 70 sepulchrum a week!

    its unbelivably easy for r2 to run a sweep and see who gather up 800-1000 essence overnight.....

    what is the problem here?

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    Nope it is not allowed, i believe botting is cheating in a way.
    Also the players that dont do it has nothing to worry about of being banned(once r2 figures out who's doing it)

    My advice is, is to kill'em
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      From the players I've reported I've always gotten the reply(no matter account sharing/hack/botting): "We will check it up" but nothing happens. Once I got the reply on account sharing: "We now know we won't help them if they lose their accounts". So don't think r2 bans players unless they lose money on it(hack), if an account pays anything, and just using a bot or account share, I doubt they will do anything.


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        I won't talk people into doing illegal things!
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 can only exchange a max of 11 spelcrums a day so i don't know what "800-1000" you are talking about and u can never be 100% sure they are botting. They might just be really addicted to it.


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            800-1000 essences, perhaps you didnt read it right
            that allows them to collect 10 sepulchrum a day, 70 per week, and 300 per month on average, so i dont know what your talking about....

            perhaps do a better job of reading the op's post


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              and when people are in there for 8-10 hours....they are botting
              and if you believe they are addicted to it, then your probably a botter
              i would like to see all people botting lose 20 percent of the sylphs strenthgs for cheating


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                According to the terms of use, botting is not allowed and is punishable in thousands of $ (I believe the number is $100 000).

                EDIT, correction:

                Originally posted by

                You are not permitted under any circumstances or for any reason to cheat or utilize third-party applications or code in order to win at, or gain game points or items from any of our Games. Punishment of violators will be determined on a case-by-case basis. R2Games shall be entitled to file a claim for monetary compensation from anyone deemed to have violated these rules in any way.

                You agree not to design, disseminate or use any third party programs designed to change any Game played on R2Games site, nor assist in the design of a third party program that changes any Game played on the site. You will be responsible for any damages to R2Games resulting from any of your use, dissemination or design of such programs, and you agree to pay R2Games liquidated damages in the sum of Hundred Thousand Dollars for each such program, or in the sum of One Thousand Dollars for each time you use a program.

                You may not:

                1) Reverse-engineer, decompile or modify any of the game clients and use it in any way.

                2) Exploit any cheats or errors which you find in our service. Any cheats or errors you discover

                3) Attempt to access any other user's account.

                4) Misuse any of our customer service facilities.

                5) Deliberately enter false information into any of the forms on our website.

                6) Encourage, or attempt to trick other players into breaking our rules.
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                  Originally posted by WickedSilk View Post
                  According to the terms of use, botting is not allowed and is punishable in thousands of $ (I believe the number is $100 000).
                  lol, only think they can do to you is ban you, they cant fine you even for a dime


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                    Originally posted by senadbasic View Post
                    I won't talk people into doing illegal things!
                    Stop trying to make people cheat.
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                      Originally posted by daunapu View Post
                      lol, only think they can do to you is ban you, they cant fine you even for a dime
                      if it's in the terms that they can fine you then yes they can fine you. Now will they do it? Probably not but as long as it says they have the ability to fine you. Then they can if they choose to. It's just like getting tickets in real life. If you litter on the ground. Can you be ticketed or arrested? Yes you can. Now will they do so? Probably not since it's not that big of an issue.


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                        Bottom line: it's not allowed. Don't do it.
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