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Question: Clothing Synthesize?

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  • Question: Clothing Synthesize?

    Just slightly confused by what materials you need to synthesize clothing to level 2?
    I'm aware you need one Fashion core, but do you need...

    * To buy a second bit of clothing that matches the one you wish to synthesize? (For example, I have the Trendsetter clothing that I am already wearing. Would I need to buy a second Trendsetter piece of clothing, or would the synthesize work with just the one piece?)

    * To buy Good Luck charm for level 2 synthesizing?

    If someone could just supply me with a simple answer, it would be highly appreciated.
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    1 lv1 clothing + 1 fashion core = lv2 clothing
    1 lv1 clothing + 1 lv1 clothing = lv2 clothing

    Clothes don't need to match to level them up.

    You can "chance" to lv3 using fashion cores... often it'll work and be cheaper than using luck charms.


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      You can not use Fashion Core with Luck Charm

      Using 2 Clothing of same level + Luck Charm = 100% chance of synth success

      Using Fashion Core = 10~50% chance of synth success

      Using Fashion Core on a level 4 and above clothing is somewhere near 1~5% chance of success (way not worth it)

      Failing will consume your Fashion Core

      If you use 2 clothing without Luck Charm and failed, the lower level clothing will be consumed and the other clothing stays at same level.
      (if it's same level, one of them will be consumed)