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Bounty Quest. What is this guys .. o_O

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    Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
    Well, let's see. Login @reset you have 4 bounties, 2 free refreshes... that's 12, 30 more mins, another 4. Presto, done? Or are you saying instead of using scrolls you can get in large quantities from fishing you were just hopping over to bounty board every 30mins in hopes of a nice one?
    Been exp maxed and thus hadn't done any bounties at all for a few months. So I would do a few, forget to do the rest or get distracted, and then remember to do the rest later in the day. No reason to burn scrolls since you have, ostensibly, all day to do 15 bounties.

    Oh yeah, and I skip fishing, too. Rewards are useless (exp maxed, enlighten maxed, no need for sigs) and the cooldown period is annoying. Still accumulate quite a few scrolls from blitzes and cqs, but sell them off periodically for petty enchant/astral gold. I should do fishing because we'll eventually get the fashion shard fish...which will be great, but hard to find the motivation when lvl 15 is more useless junk...and 20 is likely to be the same (refine locks).

    Originally posted by anichaos View Post
    wait... people sell bounty scrolls for gold? who do this?
    Probably everyone who is lvl 80 with maxed talents.