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How Wartune can make more money!

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  • CrizzyB
    started a topic How Wartune can make more money!

    How Wartune can make more money!

    Making money for Wartune. Must grab your attention.

    How about letting sylph skills be loaded like normal skills?
    For example, I want Hades purge skill loaded for MPD, but quite often you notice Hades will cast it in afk mode while fighting in solo arena. Why can't we remove those skills when they aren't needed and load better ones?
    You would sell the full suite of skills for the sylphs if this was possible, not just 1 or 2 extra.

  • pietjeprecies
    That would mean you could remove the low basic skills for free as well, they dont want that.
    They want you to buy skills and gamble it replaces the one you dont want, you end up buying the same skill over and over before you get it how you want.

    ( I wanted to remove deluge strike on iris, to replace it with ice armour, i bought the skill but its still sitting in my inventory, since i cant choose which one it has to replace)
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