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Troop enlightenment, academy bug

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  • Troop enlightenment, academy bug

    Hey guys, so i figured something out on troop enlightenment. Once you level up your enlightenment.. For example.. PAtk going from 4 to 5, your battle rating goes up. However, (sticking with "Patk"), if you increase your troop Patk in the academy, it does not change your battle rating.. It should increase your br because if the troop attack goes up, the percent from your enlightenment should kick in raising your br just a bit more. It is not doing this though. So after leveling my troop PAtk in academy, I took off my Patk enlightenment and switched it to something else.. (Switched it to HP), Then I switched it back to PAtk again. After I did this, my br went up about 7 points from what it used to be..
    **Bottom line is, whatever you have for troop enlightenment, whenever you increase that in the academy so high, reset your troop enlightenment so it registers the new numbers.

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    Or you can just refresh.


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      Or you can take off and on your troops again.


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        That does not work, It will not affect your br


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          Refresh or re-equipping troops worked for me.
          Never had such strange situation as you did.


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            Yea taking of and re equipping troops seems to do the trick. But the br increment is so less that you may not see the counter kicking in and showing the increase, its abt 1-4 br increase depending on ur enlightment.