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Hot events button not working :/

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  • Hot events button not working :/

    Hello everyone, I don't really like opening threads for personal problems, but I wanted to know if I'm the only one experiencing this. Everytime I open the "Hot Events" page, the game starts loading (the loading "sword") but it never loads, the loading bar isn't even moving. It just stays that way. The game keeps playing on the background, so it's not frozen or anything.

    A common suggestion would be to refresh the game, clear the cache, but I already did that. Everything else loads, except the "Hot Events" page.

    Any help / info would be greatly appreciated.
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    That's been happening since the appearance of "Black Box of Doom"

    It's a load bug, where the game tries to load certain graphics but gets stuck and you have to refresh the browser.


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      i did but nothing worked


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        It may sound crazy, but you might have Conduit Search, a browser hijacker, on your computer. Look for it under Control Panel - Install/Uninstall Programs. When the Programs and Features or the Uninstall a Program screen is displayed, scroll through the list of currently installed programs and uninstall Search Protect by Conduit, ValueApps, or Conduit Toolbar. So far this helped 3 of my guildmates.
        For more info on this see
        Good Luck


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          thanks alot auntie tht worked


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            Conduit is very active again, just checked google trends -

            But there a lot of tools to remove adware like this: Malwrebytes, adwcleaner, Iobit uninstaller etc. And manual removal guides like this:


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              Malwarebytes merely deletes the files, after a while, you still have to manually remove the program otherwise it becomes active again.
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