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sylph armor stat?

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  • sylph armor stat?

    Does a sylph's armor stat have any effect on the Defense or Resistance of your character when in normal combat and/or when awakened? (Not in sylph arena)

    I'm wondering what is the best way to distribute sylph stat points. If you let the game auto-apply stat points, it distributes them evenly between Attack(strength or intelligence depending on sylph) and Endurance, but doesn't place points in Defense.

    I'm open to any advice on how to distribute stat points for my sylphs.

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    As far as i noticed only Endurance attribute influences our character in passive mode. For ea sylph there might be diferent tatics i would say. I.e Gaia/amazon i would go just for intelect or str because we mainly use for situations where DPS is everything. Apollo/ Hades i would go for damage/armour/endurance since they are the best for "sylph batles".

    Also there are new uptades that we need to have in consideration such sylph Armours and gems for sylph, and this will change alot of stuff/ strategies


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      your sylphs defense gets added to yours when you awaken. in normal form it has no effect. But because of armor's lower aptitude and the way sylph stats are calculated, it's not worth spending any points in armor for your sylph.

      To give you an example, the formula for sylph's mdef is:
      MDEF = .0009 × (Armor × ARM Aptitude + Intellect × INT Aptitude). Same goes for Pdef just with Strength and STR Aptitude instead of INT.
      Now if you were using an Int-type Sylph, the INT Aptitude is usually higher than ARM Aptitude, so 1 point in Intelligence will increase your Mdef more than 1 point in Armor. Of course Armor also increases Pdef by the same amount, so the total def gained by Armor will be greater than that of Intelligence. But if you consider that the mdef(pdef) gain is just a side effect of Intelligence(Strength) and they also increase your damage by a greater amount, then it should be obvious that strength/intelligence is a much better choice than armor.