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Opening Gem Packs

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  • Opening Gem Packs

    Was wondering if there is a special or prefered way to open those gem packs to max out best luck.
    Saw a player open 72 gem packs of those they received 45 level 3 gems and 27 lower level extraordinary....
    This isnt meant to be a woa me post, but it really doesnt sit right with a lot of players seeing that happen, when most and I included might get, might come close to 10 level 3's...idk....
    I'm not saying they aren't legit, just saying it looks like they had far better odds than the average player...and btw they are pretty strong player and about the same level.

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    Generally, people tend to open up packs by the 20s, gives them the idea of "greater chance"

    Truthfully.... there's almost no difference in the way you open up packs, it's all random.

    I opened up 3 gem pack, gotten 2 level 3 gem, and later open up another 3 gem pack, got all level 1 gems.


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      The chance of getting a lvl 3 gem is somewhere between 15-20%. This is a guess based on about 250 that i opened. I'd say they actually increased this chance (a few months ago it looked more like 5%).