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Why every update/maintence? ~mod replied~

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  • Why every update/maintence? ~mod replied~

    This is a complaint, more a question. Whenever you have maintence, the first time you open stuff takes longer, just like the cache you store on the computer ain't working after maintence? if so, should I clear cache after each maintence?

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    It's a good idea to clear your flash cache after maintenance, to force it to load anew. Yes, the first time opening it, it'll take longer, but it will render the graphics properly and avoid potential visual bugs.

    clickhere then click delete all sites


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      Would be much better if you guys just got a client But thanks for the answer, I'll guess I'll clear cache whenever I find a faster internet to connect too ;p


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        It's always advisable to clear cookies and caches if you have any problems prior to any maintenance, which can also include loading issues.