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Wagers for Class Wars June 2014 - Are They Correct This Time

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  • Wagers for Class Wars June 2014 - Are They Correct This Time

    Last time, wagers were messed up because the game said that if we wagered 5000, we'd get 5000 back when we lost. Then it turned out to be half that so a bunch of us got refunds. Now it STILL says we get 5000 glory crystals for a losing wager of 5000. So is it REALLY one for one this month, or is it a mistake again?

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    Bets with balens are now 2 balens per glory crystal. But you do get 100% back on losing bets. So the ratio works out the same when using balens. Supposedly. But it seems betting with glory crystals you won in the event carries no risk.
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      5000 crystal wager = 5000 back
      5000 balens wager = 2500 back

      clear enough?
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        Like kimwong basically said, you can safely bet the Glory Crystals you earned from fighting and get 100% back even after losing the wager. If you want to bet more, you'll need to buy Crystals for 2 Balens each.

        Example: You went 10-5 in prelims and earned 3375 points / 5 = 675 Glory Crystals. Now you want to bet an overall 1000 Crystals, the missing ones must be bought with Balens, in this case (1000 - 675) x 2 = 650 Balens