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Ratio Vouchers Bound Balens

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  • Ratio Vouchers Bound Balens

    When you deleted Vouchers to put Bound Balens, you said it'll be the same thing, nothing changes, and it is just a change of ratio 1:20

    That's not the case. That was not and that is not.

    Because the double skills is too expensive. Because the "open new slot" is too expensive. We have not so much balens as we had Vouchers

    And now, the return of "upgrade skills 5%" in WB. And we have to pay.... 20 Balens for each upgrade instead of 20 Vouchers... Seriously, it's a joke?

    Please, put the real ratio for spending Balens, as you announced before.

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    What, you saying r2 shouldn't milk the [insert what word you like] cows? xD


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      if you've been here long enough to know the difference without leaving, r2 knows you won't leave now, so why would they change?


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        I don't care about WB as what changed is that nowadays non-cashers alos buff for WB, while in the old days, that was possible for cashers only (since all players used voucher buff anyway).
        What I do care, are inventory slots prices and maybe skills redistribution price.
        In my opinion, inventory slots prices should be at least divided by 10 (new players need to spend 12825 balens to open all slots). To fully open 2 pages (which is the minimum, imo) they need to pay 5225 balens. That's pretty sick and very discouraging.
        Skills redistribution price should be lowerd to let's say 200-300 balens, so everyone could afford that if he ***** up his skills.

        Second skill page is at fair price imo, as non-cashers couldn't buy it in the past and they can buy it nowadays. The price may seem to be too high, but I think it's one of those cases where price is adequate to the benefits it provides.