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how we can do it?

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  • how we can do it?

    recharge 1000 diamonds
    recharge 5000 diamonds
    recharge 40000 diamonds
    and the question is....HOW? we have preselected forms of recharge. in fact the game promises to us big rewards if we do the impossible?

    in dragon soul we have a suite of combo ....(example) only the first and maybe the second is counted ...and rest...? where is our score?
    at the start at the event i made 1300 point every time.... now...max 800.
    and manny more ..........
    what i like at this game?
    is not static..... is always something new...
    maybe that`s why i don`t care about little mistakes...
    have a good day all!

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    You're posting this in Wartune... Let me know which game you're talking about so I can move the thread for you.
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