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idea for buying wings

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  • idea for buying wings

    hi guys, was wanting to know why doesn't R2 do the same thing with wings like they do to the clothing packs they put on sale to give us all a chance to buy em. they got the poseidon clothes on sell for 899 balens $10 usd which is an ok price I think. so why not put the wing on a sale. just the wings not some gamble with 8 possible items to get. I would buy them if they went on sale
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    In China them sell events wings later in hot shop for 3995 balens echo.

    But here its dosent look like them resell the wings yet, witch is very bad becouse cloths give br now, and people some start play later will fall behind in BR and HP do them missing cloth events wings.

    I quited play the game for 4 months+ so i missed some cloth stuff under the time.

    Them resell mount so i dont understand why them not resell the wings eaither.

    Them just bring more mony, becouse people still mabye hunt for +5 star one them also after them gain it.

    But sametime no people should spend $500 for get the cloths direclty if them dosent sell any other stuff so its worth spend the mony.
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