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1 day VIP card as event prize.

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  • 1 day VIP card as event prize.

    Hi, i was wondering if R2 can bring an event that can give us 1 day VIP card (ofc as free prize). Anyone here wants it too? It would be nice to have few VIP cards.

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    Is never gonna happens becouse you can lvl all buldings to max lvl and use all VIP tookens in one day.
    And skip all the VIP later.
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      The only way to get the cards without having to spend actual money when the packs come around is get your fish tank up to level 25. Source of that is ************* and putting the link here is against the forum rules

      Edit: Don't accept it as 100% fact since I myself am still in the dark with that kind of information
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        Thay give free vip in lower lvls, now i wish i'd saved them, i think was 2, one day and 1 hr. Yet will be great if they give 1 free 1hr. vip card atleast once per month, yes... i know marketing reazon some peeps think why they would not do it, but VIP has more long term benefits than the short ones.

        I vote for this. Will make a lot of peeps happy, that is what this game need to avoid some guyz leaving cuz the time active dificulty, and will erase one or two reazon for no n lvlig.
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          I wish they give us some vip cards, really need no cd for academy skills upgrade