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Berdim's wine and imperial seal

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  • Berdim's wine and imperial seal

    Firstly i feel sorry for the programmer(s) that put these things in Wartune's code, because we barely see these beautiful things

    Dear wartune,
    Can you please make ways in which players can receive these items for free, barring events, um maybe we could get imperial seals and/or berdim's wine as a reward for 100 devotion, maybe even from collecting them from a fully energized tree in your farm. what about your solo duels? you can get bound balens from it, why not add a chance to receive Berdim's wine or imperial seals as well
    Why not give players berdim's wine maybe after completing 3 treasure maps as a daily quest. maybe world boss last hit could drop them (YES! this is pushing it, but thats the thirst speaking) maybe if i do ten circuit quests i can get 1 imperial seal, or i get imperial seal(s) for each royal chest or nobles chest. lastly, i know you can spend bound Balens to open maps or complete circuits, but 35 bound balens for completing one is unreasonable(1 balen each would be nice lol) but honestly 10-15, is probably reasonable

    please note i don't care so much the quantity(you guys do the balancing) these suggestions maybe giving too much, i just want something and i'm sure these things will push people to do circuits more or treasure maps

    here is an imperial seal google images gives it's players 1 everyday

    Click image for larger version

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    having lag? in-game problems? JUST BUY MORE BALENS