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    R2 west coast server litterally 0 strikers in easy normal hard and nm last i checked... it seems after they made tok harder (sylphs being able to awaken) people decided to stop stripping when they used to do so before lol makes no sense but thats how it is. id prefer it if they altered tok so that it was computer generated shadows with set strength maybe white-green sylphs in easy, green-blue in normal blue-purple in hard and purple-orange in nm


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      Originally posted by Omnibhop View Post
      lets put things into perspective here

      if u feel the difficulty

      everybody in ur time region zone feels it too

      If tok nitemare got 4 naked person to kill

      everybody in ur time zone get it too

      In that sense I feel there is no unfair issue here

      Get what u can get and let it be

      Since everybody no matter which server but in ur time zone all got the SAME tok nitemare to deal with
      R2 and Kong and KAboom has the timezone c/w but different cross server TOK.

      You can infer from here.


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        Originally posted by pietjeprecies View Post
        Thats Kong, Kabam is probably the worst platform to play WT.

        We cant even pass lvl 3 in tok hard with 3 100k and 1 170k player.
        Well sometimes u get vulcan, Kazuma , and the 2 mages with purple pet fully dressed
        guess what? 4 150k+ br needs warrior call to clear 5th stage.


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          how r we supposed to get shadow souls without tok?
          US West
          Pearl Lake


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            Originally posted by toptrunks619 View Post
            how r we supposed to get shadow souls without tok?
            Your not. China now gets the TOK mount for having VIP active. No idea what would happen with the Panda bear if they were to do the same to us.