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Astral questions

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  • Astral questions

    I noticed when doing astrals, in the background there are different constellations that light up. Does that have anything to do with capturing astrals as far as having better luck? I would imagine there is something to that or it wouldn't be there. What about when the are glowing or dim? I have heard that you click them when they are dim to get better chances. I have tried this second part and it did seem to work, got 4 yellow ones in a short amount of time. Maybe it was just a run of really good luck. Ever since that, I have not got one yellow one.

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    There is nothing in particular about the lighting and dimming of constellations that would alter the astrals you get or the chance of getting a higher astral. It was just incredibly good luck to you


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      one time, I tried to time my astral clicking on the constellations, but nothing happens, everything is still the same.

      so it's just a "background"


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        I read somewhere on the net that someone was telling each constellation is associated with a planet. She said that by going by the constellations, she averages 4 reds a week. If she is getting 4 reds every week, that is more than just good luck. Take me for example, I spent almost 45k star points(lots of gold) and never received a red one, not one. Just recently, I started clicking the 3rd and higher planets when they are dim and have received several yellow ones and finally a red one, and the one that I needed as well. If you ask me, that is more than just luck. Getting the red one that I needed was luck but I really do think these tricks help out. I also light up all the planets as well.

        My guild mates were telling me that these things make no difference. Then they start noticing me getting several yellow ones and a red one on the same day. Now they think there is something to these tricks. In the past several days, I have received more yellow ones than I have the since I started.

        Now I have not tried the constellation trick as it takes a lot of time to do it right, she says you can't have more than one astral on the screen at a time. I would post a link to where I found this but it is in another forum, don't know what the rules are for that. Just google wartune astral constellation and it will be one of the first few results.
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