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  • help please

    My character is wearing a lunar robe, and i want to wear my new bender robe. Problem is that when i equip it i am still wearing lunar robe. I identified a piece of clothing (helm) and hit save figure. If this is why i cannot change my look, how do i undo it? Thanks for any help

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    You can go into the Dressing Room, and select the appearance you WANT...then Save Figure. This will allow you to use any look you have "unlocked" so far.


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      yes, but as far as i can tell you can only save purchased clothes, how do i wear level 40 set now that i saved figure, i clicked hide clothing and everything else i can think of but i when i equip my bender robe it does not appear on my character


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        uncheck the hide clothing in the dressing room
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          Some items of game equipment are very similar (if not the same) in look.

          I'm not familiar with how the lunar robe looks. But if you equip the Bender robe and see your BR fluctuate, then it's equipped and the image you see in the inventory is the bender robe.
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