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Fix crappy game mechanics.

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  • Fix crappy game mechanics.

    Okay this topic is serious. This is about how asinine some of the Game play Mechanics are and a want for the creators to fix them.

    1. Sylph skills, They need to be a choice on which you want to use. If you buy a sylph a book for the skill they should always know it and you should always be able to exchange in and out the skills like you can for champs. So if i had 6 abilities i can use but only 5 slots i can switch them in and out as i please. This is exactly how it should be for sylph's not that you randomly lose a skill and have to buy again.

    2. Your constant busted events, There is constant jacked up events that are ruined and your compensation most times does not even make up for the stuff they break. Example, 4 amethyst mine cats. We had 4 to use and all 4 never works that means we lost anywhere from 400-800 every day of the event that it was broken. Yet you give us a half cocked compensation. That was a spit in the face you compensated everyone the normal amount they would of had. Those who didn't have it working lost out of the event all together.

    3. The Current Customer support from what i have seen and heard from is garbage. It takes 2 weeks or more to have something looked into and most of the time players are told *to bad sucks to be you* which is basically sorry we can't help you with the issue.

    This is just three of the issues I've spoken to countless players in game about and over Facebook chat. I think Everyone who agree's should leave a comment. Maybe if show enough attention they will start doing real updates not just money grabbing ploys.
    Yes, I agree and want these issues addressed.
    No, I don't care.

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    all good points


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      Bump vote!


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        will not vote if it's not a closed vote.

        next time, make it so people cant see who voted for which.
        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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          The point is to see who voted for what so they can see it's obviously the paying players who want it changed. Non paying will likely not care as much. What does it matter if you can see who voted for what. Stupid reason to not vote, obviously your vote was going to yes. If it wasn't you wouldn't care who saw it, company can see it even if closed.


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            I will reply when you write out these 'serious' points in english that actually makes sense.