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which lvl 70 dungeon drops crypt keys?

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  • which lvl 70 dungeon drops crypt keys?

    I had read a while back that one of the dungeons would occasionally drop crypt keys while the other gave more exp. So can i get the keys from eternal sanctuary or Endless Path?

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    my understanding is all dungeons chests have the same drop rate, 10% for crypt keys.


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      I usually blitz the Blood Moorland (52-54)et get one crypt key one out of ten campaigns (by spending skeleton keys).


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        Do Buradoth's Grave, get up to 32k gold, chance to get up to 2 skeleton key or 1 skeleton + 1 crypt key.

        I did this RIGHT NOW.... just got it, lol


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          Can you please post this in outer blogs, this guys will make a bug and desapear the CK from dugeon... is just like WB for archers, i've run a friend Knight acount at the same time and had noticed hat now kill me faster when sylph mode... hit me like he is crazy, if i do not do the timing correctly i can even lose one turn and take 2 jit from the boss. All becuz WB strategies posted in this forums.
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