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    Hi guys,

    Just wanna know how beginner's mine work. I am already at lvl 55. Can i get the whole reward in one shot or is it too late?


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    Oh, no idea what it is. Never seen that before, but every single balen you get as a gift is nice


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      Hmmm, knowing how R2 does this so called events.. wont be surprised if there would be a "typo" who will eat your balens like a shark eats a blooded meat, ask a mod or someone who can tell you more about before you use it.
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        IIRC its a one-time event only, you can pick only one of it. if you want to reap maximum benefit from it, recharge 10k balens and get the biggest deal.

        for more reference read on this thread, although it didnt help much.
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