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Another knight thread, this time about rotations

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  • Another knight thread, this time about rotations

    so who actually has a working pve set wb rotation, because since switching from my pve set i'm getting like 3-4 attacks in before the boss ults me, and can't get a single double hit to save my life, losing like 25-30k average on non-sylph arounds and 30-40 on sylph rounds.
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    Some knights use double delphics in 1 turn but not me. Found myself a good rota which gives me up to 170-185k gold at lvl 20 insip. I use a lvl 9 wd tho.
    First round use edd and build up to 100 rage. Gaia turn open with delphic destroyer- sylph + brutality, and allows at least 2 double attacks, cancel sylph mode use slasher + chaos rune. Next round start at 100 rage again and drepeat the rotation until wb is dead.


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      My favorite is a triple delphic round. With full rage and awakening.
      Delphi c destroyer
      Awaken+brute rune
      Short circuit
      Sylph delphic+cancel
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