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    Originally posted by Arlad;991575, its because i have a great party that knows each other well so i can safely ignore my defense. the knight tanks us greatly and the mage heals us with good timing, so we each focus on our own specialties.

    and there's another reason that i dont want to disclosure yet. [/COLOR]
    Ummm that won't help him (or you) in BG, CW or Arena. :P


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      Originally posted by ancev View Post
      I did the tests because some players were stating that % astrals are messed up and Illusion although has higher chance then deflection doesn't trigger quite as often. Fact which proved wrong to me, I see percentages working just fine. So personally I would take 16% over 10% any day of the week.
      Yes, percentages seem to be right, but like I said, my Illusion nearly never worked when needed. I've nearly never dodged any attack when my enemy was in sylph form when I deflect such hits pretty often.

      I definitely prefer deflecting 1 20-30k hit and dealing 50k dmg in return rather than dodging 3-4x 2k hits and saving ~8k HP. Of course, that's how it works for me and a few friends of mine, but doesn't need to be like this for others.


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        Guardian angel is completely worthless. It is broken and does absolutely nothing for you. Deflection would be decent if it actually mitigated damage. Since it doesn't, and the proc rate is a very low 10%, illusion is your best option. Basically, with it maxed the other player has an 80% chance of actually doing damage to you and you gotta love those delphic crits on you for a whopping 1 damage.
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          Originally posted by Scraggy View Post
          Ummm that won't help him (or you) in BG, CW or Arena. :P
          i think deflection are more annoying to face in arena than illusion.


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            Ok. I'll say it one more time, but more clearly.

            I've been wearing lvl. 7 Deflection and lvl. 8 Illusion since March.
            Illusion astral never made me win in PvP fight, while Deflection helps me win PvP fights multiple times a day.

            Like I said earlier, within those 3 months, I dodged higher dmg skill (20k+) less than 10 or maybe even 5 times.
            I deflect 20-30k+ hits multiple times every day. What's more, deflected dmg is counted before my defence is took into account, so most of deflects are max.

            Illusion proc rate is higher (16%), but in PvP it works nearly ONLY on low dmg hits (2-4k, not more, usually).
            Deflection triggers more rarely, but when it triggers, I usually deflect 50k/75k.

            The only thing Illusion helped me with was surviving 2-10 Sky Trail strongest hit (once only, so far) and sometimes it does help in mpd/Spire. Illusion NEARLY NEVER helped me in PvP (unless you consider not having lost 2k HP as a great help).


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              My illusion proc on someone's gaia delphic the other day in Group Arena.... it was funny, than I killed them with my Iris.


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                Thanks to all who told me here get more HP, i did this and its really working... I tried all kind of astral and seems all of them are only about get lucky...
                Here you can see my new stats and thank you again to all of you who replied here...
                Click image for larger version

Name:	sadfas.PNG
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ID:	1689967
                [S369] Venom Creek
                BR - 450K
                CW - 36

                Dont make me angry - just wanna have a fun